Monday, June 30, 2008

The triplets SIZZLE!

I use to love this ride at the NC State Fair growing up. This, of course, is a scaled down version of the ride I loved. I have seen it called the Sizzler or the Scrambler. Either way, this ride is great and the kids loved it too. William rode with an older kid this time but enjoyed it just as much. Funny thing about William on these rides. ALL of the pictures of him show him with a serious look on his face. He would wait until the ride stopped then yell YEAH! and clap his hands. I guess he does not like to make premature judgements:)

Addison: "This is Great, poor on the speed!

William: "This kid next to me sure is big. At this speed I think we are pulling about .25 G's. Taking in to consideration that he probably weighs about 50 pounds, he is exerting about 12.5 lbs of force on the exterior of this car. Good thing I am on the interior of this ride or he may have caused some minor ecchymosis (bruising). Also, why are they using a bungee cord on this ride to secure the bar and a chain on others? I am curious about their reasoning behind that decision.

Jackson: "This ride is my favorite ride of the night! Not to mention it is already 30 minutes past my bedtime. Everything is better when you miss curfew"

An appropriate quote: "Fair" is something that comes to town once a year.



granjan said...

Hey There! Just discovered that you had a blog.I have read through most of them this morning. What a wonderful record you will have of your precious babies. We miss you guys here in Washington!! Keep up the good work~~

Denise Wheeler said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I am so glad I discovered your blog since Quenta doesn't get to post that often. I love keeping up with you guys.