Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cooking for kids and adults....

I like trying to cook new things. My problem is that I don't like following directions. Remember I am still a man after all and we don't ask for, listen to or follow directions well. OK maybe some do, but I don't. So I take parts of recipes and throw my own spin on things. Such is my life with making pizza. My wife does not like pizza very much, it is a wonder we ever got together:) I on the other hand LOVE pizza. It can actually be pretty healthy for you.

I got directions on making crust from the Rachel Ray site. Then substituted honey for sugar substituted 1/2 of the flour it calls for with a combination of whole wheat flour and wheat germ that I got from The Sneaky Chef.

The toppings depend on what I have left over (cheeseburger pizza after a cookout) or I sometimes buy things specifically for a pizza. My latest creation was chicken, mushroom, spinach and artichoke. Mmmmmmm. I coated the chicken with a basil pesto spread I found at the store and used a store bought Alfredo sauce. Everyone liked it, even the kids!

Smile, everyone around you will appreciate it,


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Lynn Leaming said...

yummm! chicken, spinach and artichoke. I will have to try that. Although I don't think I can make a crust. Believe it or not I've never used yeast. But I can buy a Boboli crust and still try it. I keep using you as my example to get Steve in the kitchen. Keep posting those good recipes!