Monday, June 23, 2008

Mommy and Daddy get some time away...

The CFO's parents (my in-laws) came down Sunday for the day. They got to town right after Church. They were a special blessing this day for a selfish reason. I had tweaked my back earlier at Church and it was great to have help:) I was the Nursery helper for the Toddler 1 room. So not only did I watch our three but also six others:) The paid Nursery worker, who is great, was there but we were in a serious zone coverage for about an hour and a half. John and Kate plus eight have all my empathy. I was talking the ENTIRE time.... get down from there, thank you (I was fed "pretend" food the whole time), be careful, can I wipe your nose, be gentle, want me to read you the book, let's share, who has a poopie?..... on and on and on.....

Back to us:) After the kids woke up from their nap Mimi and Grandaddy watched the kids while Mommy and Daddy snuck away for some "quality" time.... We went to the grocery store. No, really. Yes, we even held hands:) We had a great time and even better dinner when we got back home.

More pics from playing hookie with the CFO.... We were playing charades... This was Jackson throwing a grenade and it exploding:)

I use to drive a motorcycle, go skiing in Canada and go SCUBA diving, now I have triplets.... life is better now,

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Lynn Leaming said...

Oh my! We have no clue do we? Quality time is being able to go to the grocery store and hold hands. I was expecting a dinner out and a movie or something. God put extra stars in your crown after you helped with the children on Sunday, it would be so easy to "opt out" since you are with three every day of the week. I was ALWAYS especially grateful for the help of men in the ministry because our kids need to see strong men role models. But believe me the ones that are willing are few and far between.