Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's for dinner?

In an effort to get more veggies in the kids I periodically go the way of "Dinner in a Box." Something like chicken and biscuits from Homestyle Bakes. But when you look at what is in the box.... soup and Bisquick. OK, I am no gourmet chef but I think I can handle that on my own. So I took two cans of Chunky's Turkey potpie and put Bisquick biscuits on top. Viola! Dinner is served and they LOVED it! No one even batted an eye at the chunks of carrots or the peas. That is the good news. The other good news is that it was bath day!

I am not as think as you dumb I am:)

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DaddyMan said...

Thankfully my little dude is still on the 'I want a lunchable' kick, so I whip out some bologna, cheese, crackers, and toss in some fruit on occasion.

He's a bear when it comes to green beans, but I can bribe him with more broccoli if he'll finish his meat.

Go figure! My son just stopped by and said "Daddy! I want to eat with my sisters at a table (he's 4, they're 7 mo), but can I have the green plate?"