Friday, June 13, 2008


Since these our first (and only) kids we might be proud of things that more experienced parents see as pedestrian, but who cares:) For the most part they follow direction (orders) very well. When we ask "who wants to brush their teeth?" they all run to the bathroom yelling "teeth... teeth." When you say "who wants to eat?" they all run to table and get in their seats. And finally the no-brainer... when you ask"who wants to watch Sesame Street?" they all run to the TV. Sometimes we get a straggler but not very often.

Discipline is another issue. Addison is our little angel. I am actually worried that she is saving up for when she is a teenager:) Jackson is deliberate about what he does showing what a friend calls willful disobedience. Timeouts don't seem to work for him so now his prized possession (his glowworm) gets a timeout. I think it will do the trick.

They like using their limited sign language along with their words. Jackson and William asking for "More."

Control what you can,

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Liz said...

the problem with saying "who wants to" is that at some point one of them will rebel and decide that they DON'T want to. When that happened at my house,(I have 6, now ages 15-25), 'who wants to' turned into 'it's time to!'