Friday, June 20, 2008

As you may remember the kids go to a day our program on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday I am the yard boy and Thursday the maid:) I was doing my "maid" duty yesterday when something made me laugh. We have quite a few vacuums in the house. Not only do we have quite a few but there is a heirachy to them, no really.

The top predator of the bunch is our Dyson, appropriately named "The Animal". This thing eats everything. It gets the choicest of "food", our wool carpets. They seem to shed worse than a sheep dog at the equator:)

Next are the "twins." Our two Roombas. They are like Hyenas, savaging for anything they can find. I keep them clean and charged and they stay happy.

Then we have the dustbusters. I have two: one hand held for getting what Roomba can't from the corners and one on a handle for tile and hardwoods.

At the bottom of this hierarchy is the shop-vac. It gets all the dirty work:( The shop-vac cleans the other vacuums and their filters.

It takes a village of vacuums to keep a house clean,


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Liz said...

I know that you have mentioned the roombas in your blog before. They sound great. I told my husband to put it on the list of things to buy once he's employed again! (It's starting to be a long list!)