Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now I get it!

I sometimes get a little tired of whining. This is nothing new, I use to get tired of employees whining (hours are too long, I don't make enough, traffic is bad, etc...) now I have three 20 month olds doing the whining. Well, I have definitely learned from my triplets that God has a sense of humor and loves teaching lessons. So I got one.

Starting with Jackson and currently finishing up with Addison, the kids have had runny noses, a little coughing and A LOT of whining. Well yesterday my throat started hurting. The runny nose started about 4pm and by 7pm at dinner (LOVE Pizza Hut's kids eat free on Tuesdays) it hit me like a brick wall. I could barely make into bed. When I say barely I mean it.... No milk cups made for the morning, kitchen dirty, dishwasher not run, etc.....

I feel much better today and I have a better perspective on things:)

Live, laugh and love... A LOT


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