Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's the end of the world as you (I) know it....

I like the way REM sings it. It makes it sound like the way you know the world sucks and the new way has got to be way better! Their version is a lot better than The Doors version..."the End"

I am talking about our schedule and it is YOUR fault:) All of you that have said "Yeah my kids started dropping their morning nap around 18-21 months." Well I hope you are happy... They have started. Monday nobody took their morning nap and only William slept in the afternoon. I had to give Jackson Redbull to get through dinner, oh wait, that was me:)

Today I am the Yardboy as they go to "school."

Is this another "sign" for I am done eating? :)

I think William has had enough to eat....

Jackson "smiling" for the camera...

and I feel fine,
continued from the title lyrics


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Liz said...

Yes, the day comes when they stop the two nap thing, but then you get one marathon nap in the middle of the day, and if you work it right, they go to bed a little earlier too!! Just be grateful they still nap at all, my grandsons have given up naps all together, so now we just have 'quiet time' at our house. Which basically means that they chill in front the tv so I can get something done!