Thursday, June 12, 2008

Idiots galore!

Our house came with a Jenn-air downdraft cook top. One side had two electric eyes and the other side was a grill. Indoor grill? I believe you can find that under the definition of OXYMORON. Which would be fitting because you must be a moron to use it. The only pro I could find in using it is that it is indoors. The cons... you must clean it each time, it is messy, no flame (what man does not want flames?) and then you only have two eyes for pots. Which, by the way, were made for pots from the Easybake Oven collection. If you have a 10" skillet on one you can't fit anything else on it.

So we did what any red-blooded American would do..... Buy a Jenn-Air downdraft gas cook top. Pros.... four variable eyes that each hold a pot, easy to clean, nice looking, etc... Cons.. The glass top was broken when it arrived. No big deal Whirlpool (owns Jenn-Air) said, we will send out a service to fix it. They came today.

Two guys show up. They come into the kitchen. They inspect the cook top (I think the crack shows up on Google Earth) to survey the damage. They get the model number and serial number off of it and input in their laptop (I also had to give this info to Whirlpool when I called them about the damage). Then they say, OK we ordered the new glass for your cook top and we will be back in two weeks to install it. GOOD LORD! I told them it was cracked. You would think they were a division on the US Government. So it took two guys coming to my house to order a replacement. I am glad they don't run an ambulance service.... yep, looks like a heart attack, I will call you a Dr. in a few minutes.

The dumber they are, the smarter I look:)


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Liz said...

Thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning!