Thursday, June 5, 2008

You know you're a stay at home dad when....

In the past I have been accused of being a member of the fashion police, a far cry from my cargo shorts and T-shirt uniform these days:) I also was nicknamed "Nurse" in College for taking care of those that, well, let's say "over-enjoyed" their time at parties. But being a guy I LOVE power tools and other "guy" toys. My tastes have changed a bit though. Here is a short "You know you're a stay at home dad when...." list:

Instead of asking Santa for left tilt table saw you hope the LG Steam Washer and Dryer go on sale with 12 months same as cash

Instead of buying the DeWalt bag of tools because they are a good deal you ASK to buy them so you can start building the playhouse for the kids (saving money vs. buying one already built)

Instead of buying the newest first person video game for yourself and playing it 8 hours straight you spend your time on the computer looking for healthy meals that are easy to fix

"If" you buy a newspaper or have it delivered to the house you "better find and use" coupons over and above the cost of the paper:)

Living the dream...


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Kim said...

Okay....I am thinking back to when my boys were 20 months old. It was not as easy as YOU seem to be having it. The only conclusion? God likes you better ;-)