Monday, June 2, 2008

Great weekend!

We had a great weekend!

Definition: A few meltdowns, one or less blowout, two or less bitings, got out of the house, went to church and the house still looks good.

We had a nice surprise on Saturday, a visit from Quenta's Aunt Joan and Uncle Alan who currently live out of state. We absolutely LOVE IT when people visit, no, really. The only weird thing is that I feel like we are an exhibit or putting on a show for them. This time Jackson was the main attraction. He really "put on the dog" as they say in Alabama. But I am realizing that raising the kids gives you memory problems, like I needed more:) When I look back at the weekend I remember all the fun, cute and adorable stuff. The crying, screaming, fit-pitching and willful disobedience are barely a memory.

If you think your life is tough, just turn on the news. I PROMISE someone's life sucks more than yours.


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