Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A new look.....

As you may surmise by now I usually call it like I see it. Yes, even when others know better, there I am, speaking up:) This was true even back when my wife and I met. I told here two main things about myself...

One, work comes first. I frequently have to work late, go in early and work weekends. Notice the workaholic attitude:) At least I admit it:)

Two, I am most likely going to loose my hair.

Yes, it is AMAZING that she stayed with me!

OK, the first one I can change but the second one? Yes I used Rogain in the past and tried other stuff but I felt like it was similar to installing a screen door on a submarine, it just didn't make sense. I have been keeping my hair short since college but I went a step further this time.

Not sure I will keep it this way but it is a look:)

It will be a sad day when no one laughs,


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Anonymous said...

Very nice Blog and hairdo!