Monday, June 9, 2008

Some people fear Clowns...

I on the other hand fear balloons. No, I don't run from them screaming but I REALLY don't like them. Not sure where or when it started but I HATE it when they pop. I do not use the word hate much so I really dislike them quite a bit. So, what did they have last Tuesday at Pizza Hut's kids eat free night... Balloons. I am not one to deprive my children of the joy of playing with balloons just because I don't like them so when the CFO asked me if I thought we could take one for the kids I asked and they said yes. So if you notice in one of the pictures I have a stupid look on my face, OK, stupider than usual:)

None popped despite traveling back in the van not to mention all the biting, pinching and squeezing from the kids. They loved them! You know what that means for 21 month olds.... Yep, a MELTDOWN when you take them away so the kids can go to bed. Being a man, I did not learn my lesson and let them have them again in the morning as I promised them. The second meltdown ensued after several battles over who wanted which color.

Out of fear can come joy,


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erin said...

I am a faithful "fan"/blog reader from Dallas. Mom of a 15 month old. I am loving the new blog from dad's perspective. It is great!! Cute pics, too, of course. The blueberry pancake ones were great too :) Keep up the good work!!!