Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week three of working "outside the home" but from home

I have been carving out about 25 hours a week so far.  I have watched no TV, my new video game is still shrink wrapped, the house is not too dirty, the clothes are clean, the sheets are clean, the bed is made, luckily the grass has not grown much and the Triplets are not watching much more TV.  On the downside the basement is a MESS!  The CFO is taking a day off of work to clean it up for our Halloween party this weekend.

Did I mention .... the CFO Rocks!

Sometimes people are layered like that. There's something totally different underneath than what's on the surface. But sometimes, there's a third, even deeper level, and that one is the same as the top surface one. Like with pie.
Joss Whedon, Zack Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jed Whedon, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, 2008

A man's best fortune, or his worst, is his wife.
Thomas Fuller

Try praising your wife, even if it does frighten her at first.
Billy Sunday


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If it works in politics it might work here

It is funny when you listen to people give political speeches, in political ads, or any type of political rhetoric there is usually mention of the "American Way."  Well, from where I sit it seems the "American Way" includes kickbacks, subsidies, and bribes.  So I figured I would give it a try at home.  Oh, I'm sorry, we call it "rewarding good behavior.:)

In an effort to reclaim our bed I am "rewarding" the Triplets with a tall glass of chocolate milk in the morning if they stay in their beds from when they go to sleep till it is light outside.  Yes, I will change it some when it stays dark late, maybe I will teach them to tell time:)  Of course that could backfire when we try to get them to bed early.  So far it has worked 2 out of 3 nights.  Jackson gave up his chocolate milk last night but I think he might make a different choice tonight as he was most unhappy watching his siblings enjoy their chocolaty treats this morning.

There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action.

Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

In the last few years, the very idea of telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is dredged up only as a final resort when the alternative options of deception, threat and bribery have all been exhausted. 
Michael Musto 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

One week down, almost

After Friday I have 22 hrs and 45 minutes of real "work" done.  Keep in mind I still have Saturday and Sunday, depending on when the Agency I am working through ends their weeks.  Things don't seem to be too bad.  I still need to fold some laundry and get it put away and clean some but all in all everything seems OK.

So where did those 22 hours come from?  We did not leave the house two days last week so I could get some housework done while the Triplets played.  No naps for me, I usually got a nap in when they nap.  No TV,  movies or video games.  I have the newly released Medal of Honor game staring at me from the mantle still in its shrink-wrap.  The yard still looks OK though I have not weeded or mowed.  The house is pretty clean but not as clean as we like it.  And finally, about 5 or more of those work hours have come off of my sleep.

But there has been some good that has come out of this so far.  I am much more focused during my "free time."  I also enjoy my time more when I play with the Triplets.  Not that I didn't enjoy it before but it seems a bit more special now.  Finally I am reminded of what a gift it is that I am able to stay at home with the kids.  It is truly a luxury that many are not allowed or not able to do.

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.
Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)


Friday, October 15, 2010

A caviot to the rant

One dear friend mentioned how it is frustrating that everyone seems to "require" a degree these days but she has gotten those jobs when she networked and got an interview.  So I wanted to add a little to my rant.

I can handle it when someone does met one or two of the criteria because I am flexible.  But lets say here is the criteria:
  • Bachelors Degree
  • a minimum of 1-3 years of retail experience
  • local candidates only
  • legally allowed to work in the US for any employer
Here is an example of someone that makes you want to call a candidate and ask them if they can read:
  • Has a "certification" in management
  • Worked for and/or ran a lawn service for five years
  • Lives two states away
  • Requires sponsorship to work in the US
I am all for being flexible but it would be like if you go into the Gap asking for jeans and they brought you a pair of shorts or a jacket.

Have fun and laugh at something today,


A rant on Candidates

If you are wondering where I am getting the time/energy for this little rant it is because I have just finished my second Monster of the day at 11:45pm on Thursday.  The website for the company I am contracting with just gave me this message:  "This site is either undergoing maintenance or is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.    Thank you."  I feel like they just broke up with me by saying "it is me, not you"  :)  lol

Back to my rant...  I have jumped back into a world that few people get to see... the other side of the application.  I know it is a pain and painful to look for a job, apply for a job, and interview with a company. You know why?  Because people are IDIOTS!  The position I am recruiting for clearly states that they want candidates with a 4 year Bachelors degree.  I get High School students and people with a BA from a two year Community College, I think they mean B.S.  :)

Hey, I have been on the other side of the table but like I always say, hate the game, not the player:)  PLEASE, PLEASE only apply for the position you are qualified for and that you WANT!  I cannot tell you how many people are "willing" to take a job.  Wow!  Thanks for doing me the favor of filling a position where you will make everyone else unhappy as you bemoan about how you really want to be a (insert other job) but you took this job to pay the bills.  Not to mention we then have to train you, fix your mistakes then backfill your position when you find another job that is "in your major."

If I sound angry it is because I am channeling the younger me.  I have learned how to laugh at this.  It is part of the job.  But it is also the reason you don't get a response every time you apply for a job.  It is also the reason that it is not easy to apply with many companies much less get an interview.  They want to see how bad you want to work with them.  Unfair?  Yes.  But you know what's fair......   it comes to town once a year:)

P.S. I got 3hrs and 15 mins of "work" in today.

Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier.
Blore's Razor

Resume: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have. 
Bo Bennett 

If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements. 
Mason Cooley 


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Days two and three

Day two was another stay at home day.  We played outside and I did some dusting, vacuuming and of course laundry.  I also got three hours of work in with my day ending at 11:30pm.

Day three the Triplets went to their day out program and for extended care so I could get in six and a half hours of work.  No housework other than what Roomba did for me and the normal SAHD stuff.  In addition to some system issues that come with any new position I had one great interview, sourced a few new candidates and did some cold calling dealing with the usual somewhat annoyed people:)

Choppy hoey diggy,
Bob Pollard


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work, day one

On day one of my contract position I squeaked out a measly three hours and eight minutes of "real" work.  Keep in mind this is addition to the Triplets, washing, folding and putting away the laundry, and all the normal cooking, cleaning and other SAHD stuff.  

Back to the grind, I won't even tell you how much money I am loosing by posting this:)

Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content.
Louis L'Amour (1908 - 1988)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

No more slacking

It seems that the days of me slacking are coming to an end, at least for a while.  I am helping a friend out at one of my previous employers with some part time (20-40 hours) contract recruiting.  She is helping me out by paying me:)  The challenge as I see it right now is carving out 20+ hours out of my somewhat busy week.

Let's see... The first to go is my time when the Triplets are at their day out program.  They go three days a week and I can put them in extended care to give me about 18 hours a week.  Now, let's see what I do that is non-productive that can be shelved for the next six weeks.  No watching TV, movies, playing the PS3 (this SUCKS because I have the new Medal of Honor pre-ordered and coming in the mail next week), limited blogging, no reading other blogs, and no FaceBook.  If I do all that and give up a bit of sleep I should be able to carve out about two hours a night plus have interviews scheduled throughout the day and weekends.  See how much slacking I have been doing!

I would not want to keep this up forever but for a month and a half I can do anything.  Back before kids I use to go into work around 6 or 6:30 and work till 7pm only to come home and do about two hours of work.  I would also go in most Saturdays for a little while.  Did I mention I was a workaholic?  Now I just need to get back up to speed on the software they use.  Oh yeah, and stock up on sleep:)

The men who really believe in themselves are all in lunatic asylums.
G. K. Chesterton (1874 - 1936)

All things are difficult before they are easy. 
Thomas Fuller 


Thursday, October 7, 2010

No whining allowed

I always get onto the kids for whining but it seems we get away with it as adults a lot.  One case in point is a post from a part time SAHD.

If this kind of complaining was about something more "manly" like work, sports, drinking, etc... the response from other men would be one of the following: turn your skirt around, suck it up Sally, or some other remark to make him fell like he is acting like a girl.  Hey!  Men suck it up buddy.  Forget all this drum beating, emotion sharing, man scaping, metrosexual mess that society has us believing.  We dudes do what it takes to get IT done and we don't whine or cry about it.

On the other hand... what if there is only one woman in a business meeting?  Be sure you have read the article and maybe a few of the comments so you get the full value of my sarcasm here:)  During the meeting the "boss" stops every time he says "you guys" to add "and lady."  This is of course after he makes several comments about not having many women attend meetings and how "special" it is to have a lady in the room.

My point?  SAHDs need to take the high road and let their results speak for themselves.  I guess us guys are getting a taste of what women have had to deal with in business for a long time..... We need to keep our mouths shut and do a better job to be seen as equals.  I am OK with that, are you?  If not, go to work and leave the child rearing to the women, you sissy:)

The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.
Oscar Wilde

Old age ain't no place for sissies.
Henry Louis Mencken


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They say it's your Birthday...

The Triplets love them some Birthday parties!  But who doesn't?  OK, maybe some of us are not big on our own Birthday party, but attending other parties is great.  Of course you have to like a bit of somewhat organized chaos, like I do, to really appreciate them.  I not so secretly like it when kids flip out, their head's pop off, come unhinged and you can actually hear the seams of their universe being torn in two.  You know, a good old temper tantrum, and you can usually count on at least one at a Birthday party.

I know that enjoying a fit pitchin' by a youngster is more than a bit twisted, but I have always appreciated people losing their cool, even when it was directed at me.  Keep in mind that I only like(d) it when I am not emotionally invested in the situation.  That is one of the reasons I loved traveling for work back when I chose to work "outside the home."  People freak out on a regular basis at airports.... "what do you mean delayed!!  I don't care about the storm, get me to ...."   This also rang true when I worked in various customer service rolls.  I saw it as a competition.  If they got me riled up they won.

Fortunately, for everyone else, there were no temper tantrums at our latest Birthday bonanza.  Our friends, the Kiddie Lung Doc, always throw a great party with fun things for the kids to do.  Not to mention the awesome strawberry cake!


Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.
Evan Esar (1899 - 1995), Esar's Comic Dictionary

I hope that when I die, people say about me, 'Boy, that guy sure owed me a lot of money.'
Jack Handey (1949 - ), Deep Thoughts


Friday, October 1, 2010

Changing seasons

I love the Fall but I do not like the challenges it brings with it... what to dress the Triplets in.  In the mornings it is cool but it heats up to the high 70s/80s.  Add to that being outside playing in the sun and it gets warm.  So I am going with my favorite look... long sleeves and shorts.  I see it as the perfect blend.  It helps keep your core warm and your legs get the most warmth from movement so they don't heat up in shorts.

It also means their backbacks get a bit heavier as they need to have extra clothes for cool and warm weather.  It is also a good time for me to rotate the extra clothes I keep in the van, my backpack and our go-bag.  I feel bad taking up to three outfits out of the rotation but I choose the CFO's least favorites.

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant