Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is there a cure?

Jackson woke up screaming his head off at 5am this morning. This is a not-so-rare occurrence. Sometimes he goes right back to sleep, sometimes (like this morning) he does not. I race upstairs to get him as they sleep in the same room. There everyone is; William snoring a bit, Addison sleeping with her legs crossed and Jackson yelling. I pick up Jackson to discover his PJs are a little wet. GREAT, now I need to change him while keeping him sleepy. Got him changed, into the packnplay in the playroom, he goes back to sleep and I am back in bed by 5:15 am. Not bad I think....

Now the problem. Not that Jackson waking up screaming is not an issue, I just figure some kids do it. I lie there in bed thinking of all that I could get done if I get up now. Some mornings I do this and before I can move a muscle I am back asleep. Ask my wife, I am "blessed" with the ability to sleep virtually any place at any time. No, really. Car, plane, boat, couch, floor (with triplets running around me) or a pew (sorry Lord). I would LOVE to be able to "relax" and not be so type A. Heck, up until I got out of College I was that person! But now I gotta get it done! I find getting stuff done relaxing. OK, it is now 6:27am CST and I am almost done with a load of laundry, got the dishwasher going, cooked a pack of bacon, have from scratch blueberry pancakes ready to go, paid the bills and I am almost done with this blog entry.

I guess people like me balance things out with all the people that lay around all day watching Ellen, Oprah, The View, Springer, Divorce Court, QVC or what ever else is on during the day:)

The kids sure do love their books (and wearing shorts on their head.) I guess William is starting a trend:)

Party like a Rock Star,


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