Thursday, June 26, 2008

You need to work on this....

Those were the words I heard when paying for one of the CFO's suits to be dry cleaned. We go to a place where you pay when you drop it off. So the lady said, that will be $3.90. I handed her a $20 (hey, CFOs just oversee money, they don't handle it:). The lady looked at a girl that looked to be about 17 and said "Come over here, you need to work on this." At first I was VERY confused, a state of mind I am comfortable in:) Then the girl looked at the $20 and then the $3.90 on the bill. Time seemed to slow down....

Lady: "What is $20 minus $3.90?"
Girl: "Mmmmmm" girl starts to reach for something.
Lady: "Try it without using the calculator."
I stifled a chuckle
Girl: "This is hard.... $7.10?
Lady: "no... try again"
Girl: "Uhhhhhh.... $17.10?
Lady: "What is $20 minus $4?"
Girl: "Oh, give me the calculator...."

She made the change very quickly after that so I am assuming that this was not due to a learning disability. I find it VERY amusing because on the Rick and Bubba show this morning (I listen to them when I am the maid) they were discussing how stupid it is that schools still teach basic math. Specifically they said long division but it still seems VERY ironic that I ran into this today. Rick and Bubba said schools should teach them to use a calculator... well, it looks like they already do:)

What is next? No writing training as we can all now type?

Your mama so slow it takes her two hours to watch 60 minutes:)


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