Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OCD kids, well sort of.....

Maybe this is normal but my kids do not like stuff, in particular food, on their hands. William started this and the other two have picked it up. Let me set the scene for you.... We are eating mac-n-cheese. I keep trying to get them to use their forks but to no avail. I know they are only 21 months old but good golly, most animals are feeding themselves by this point in their lives:) After every other bite William will hold out his hand and moan/whine/squeal. Then you wipe his hand off and he goes right back into the food. I have tried to explain to him that it does not make sense to clean his hands until he is done. But he is having none of it. I think he just likes keeping me busy:)

Oh yeah, being me and a guy, I tried the "tough love" approach...."William, I will clean your hand when you finish." He had some banana on his hand.... well, he showed me:)

If kid's snot was gold I would be rich, REALLY rich:)

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