Thursday, June 26, 2008

Schedule... what schedule?

I mentioned earlier that the kids were going to one nap a day. Well they seem to be having a disagreement about that:) I feel like a one man SEAL team. I must be ready for anything at anytime and everything is fluid. I am definitely in a kinetic war with the kids these days:) Nights are for regrouping and preparing for the next day's "battles."

For instance, last night I packed their bag for the day out program they go to. So I need nine diapers (with our name on them), change of clothes (for each kid), lunch (sandwiches and fruit), nap mats, and sippy cups of water. I also need to fix their sippy cups of milk for the morning.
Tomorrow after their "school" I plan to go to Target ($10 gift card with Pampers purchase) or Sam's Club (they LOVE the pizza.) So I also need a diaper bag with bottled water, four diapers, wipes, snacks etc.... Not a big deal but we went to Church last night and the diaper bag was in full use. By the way, I think sippy cups are actually alive and they hide from me:)

So Wednesday looked like this...
5:35 am - Jackson woke up screaming (not uncommon) and I moved him to pack-n-play in playroom
6:35 am - I get up, again, make coffee for me and tea for the CFO. Empty the dishwasher.
7:00 am - get the kids up
7:45 am - breakfast; waffles and bananas
8:30 am - walk
9:15 am - baths
10:00 am - go down for a nap
Daddy eats breakfast, does laundry, cooks lunch and does a little cleaning
1:00 pm - kids wake up
1:30 pm - lunch
2:30 pm - go to YMCA for workout, like I need one:) All the moms are amazed that I even get out of the house with them.
4:00 pm - arrive back home for a snack and play time
4:30 pm - tried a nap for the kids - the boys were out but Addison was having none of it:)
6:10 pm - dinner
6:45 pm - go to Church
8:15 pm - head home
8:30 pm - brush teeth, prayers, story from CFO and go to bed

Addison does her best Gene Simmons impression....

Saying "Poopie" actually makes it smell better:)

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