Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have mentioned a couple of times that the boys keep getting out of their seats during meals. It sometimes gets quite frustrating. So the wife and I had a GREAT plan.... I will bring up their highchairs from the basement and tell them that if they get out of their seats they will have to eat in their highchairs. Great plan, right? We thought so until they ran to their highchairs this morning with the excitement usually reserved for Christmas morning.

So now I am once again cleaning highchairs:( Are they starting reverse psychology on us already? At least they are once again strapped in. So now I am more motivated than ever to get our kitchen table stained, painted and put together. Part of my procrastination has been that we haven't picked out any chairs... until today. I mean we have looked everywhere and holy cow, they are expensive. I mean come on! It is for our rears:) For what some chairs cost you would think that some of the chairs out there were hand carved by the last tribe of cannibal pygmies using trees from the last old growth forest in the world. At the least the chairs should come with a blessing from the Pope:)

So we did what any good Southerners would do. Yep, we went to some flea markets. Believe me when I say flea markets that is giving them some undue acclaim. I think my kids have more teeth than all the vendors at one place we went:) Just kidding, they had one less. I counted:) We were discouraged but then EUREKA! First we found a kids rocking chair with "Addison" painted on it... $5. Then, wait, what is that? Five dining chairs for $35! Yes, they look like they fell off a truck, well, off several trucks, but did I mention we have triplets:)

The best way to receive a hug is to give one,
From the lid of sour cream, no kidding:)


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Liz said...

I had a thought about your 'staying at the table' problem. Maybe you start them at the table and when they get out of their seats then the high chair becomes their seat for the rest of the meal. That way they can see that the reward for sitting at the 'big kid' table is staying in your seat!! Just a thought.