Monday, June 9, 2008

Blueberry Pancakes!

The kids LOVED the blueberry pancakes that I made on Saturday morning. I made eight pancakes and the CFO (the wife) and I only got one each. These kids can eat!

We had our first triple meltdown in public Sunday morning at Church. The service was over and we got the kids out of the nursery. They all wanted Mommy (the CFO) to hold them:) When I say meltdown I mean red faced, animal noises, spitting, crying, drooling, flailing on the floor, uncooperative hissy fit. I laughed the whole time even as I scooped Jackson off the floor, walked to the van and strapped him in his car seat. I mean I was worried that he was going to puke he was so mad. The CFO had been worried that the kids would like me better since I stay home with them. Well, I guess she was wrong:)

Look for the humor in all situations, I promise, it is there if you look hard enough...


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Lynn Leaming said...

yummm. I don't know why I don't think of putting blueberries in my pancakes? I don't understand why Quenta couldn't hold all three kids at once??? Oh's because they are getting bigger eating all that good food Daddy makes :)