Friday, June 6, 2008

Afternoon schedule

A while back I wrote about our morning schedule. Here is a "usual" afternoon schedule:

12:15 or so - Kids eat lunch. In a perfect world I fix their lunch while they are napping.
1:00 - We start loading up for an outing (weather permitting)
Now most people would think of an "outing" as something like a trip to the Zoo, the Arboretum, or fun. For the Texas Trio anything that involves getting in the Family Truckster (the minivan) is an outing that needs to be prepared for:) Packing the diaper bag, getting everyone in clothes (mommy for some reason asks that their shirt matches their shorts), getting shoes on, etc....
1:20 - We depart for a fabulous destination, aka; WalMart, grocery store, Sam's, or any other errands we need to run.
2:30 or so - We load back up in the Family Truckster for the trip home. Most places we go are 5-10 minutes away
3:00 - We arrive home. I corral everyone out of the van and upstairs. This is quite often comical if everyone wants me to carry them. I have two options.... Each kid does a "super jump" (me carrying each one individually up the stairs and over the gate) or we all go up a few steps at a time with me manually moving them up the stairs.
3:10 - We have a snack. "Chefs choice" of crackers, cheese, apple, oranges, or other fruits and veggies.
3:30 - Down for nap #2 I read to them for 10 - 15 minutes.
3:45 - 6:00 - It is DEFCON 4 at the house as you never know how long they will sleep. I prioritize things and get the must get dones first then the want to get dones. I feel like I am on house arrest as if I go in the basement or outside I must take one of the baby monitors with me. It even beeps if I go too far:)
6:30 - Mommy and Daddy get to have Dinner!
7:00 - Family playtime
7:45 - Brush teeth and get the kids in PJs
8:00 - Say prayers and Mommy reads to the kids
8:30 - Mommy and Daddy eat dinner

Did I ever mention how great and beautiful Mommy (the CFO) is?

William is trying out a new style for our gang, "The Trips". He is wearing his shorts on his head and throwing our gang sign your way.

You know you are a stay at home parent when your meal selection is driven, in part, by who is changing their diapers the next day:)


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