Friday, June 20, 2008

Easy pizza crust.... with a powertool:)

I know pizza crust sounds difficult but if you have a food processor (a stay at home Dad's powertool) with a dough blade it is a breeze! I followed Rachel Ray's directions (substituted 2 tablespoons of honey from another recipe for the sugar in hers). I put the dry ingredients in the food processor (12 cup Kitchenaid) then added the wet ingredients (the yeast mixture). Then turned it on and slowly added a spoonful of flour at a time till I got a ball of dough. It cut out most of the kneading. I still kneaded it for a minute or two then let it rise in a bowl coated with olive oil. I half the dough and refrigerate the other half for the next night. I put it in a gallon zip lock as it busted out of the cling wrap the first time I did this. Then roll out the dough to your pan size. Coat the dough with flour as needed so it is not sticky. Be sure to coat the pan with olive oil, don't be too stingy:)

I want to learn to make thin crust next. I even made cheese stuffed crust once:) I just freeze what I won't eat the next day or so and bake it to bring it back to life when I am hungry.

If you are 15 minutes early you are on time, if you are on time you are late and if you are late don't bother showing up:)


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Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog! Love it. You are so funny. We miss seeing you guys back here is Dallas but it is fun catching up through your blog.

Take care!

Kelley Thomas and fam