Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a little airplane now....

The last ride was the airplanes. It way past their bed time and they were doing great. They got a little antsy when the ride would go up then come down and bounce a little. But at least it wasn't one of my kids yelling "I WANT DOWN!" near the end:)

Jackson: "Finally a ride with some get up and go and a gun!"

Addison: "Why did I get the gun with no barrel? Well, it is not my fault it my shots aren't accurate."

William: "You realize that rides like this propagate the use of weapons in our society. By trying to indoctrinate children into the belief that guns are not only OK but also "fun" you are continuing a culture of violence in this country. I will say that this ride is interesting in that your altitude changes during the ride. That is an unexpected but enjoyable twist. I also like the way the velocity of the air rushing past makes my hair look good."

Your mama so old she left her purse on Noah's Ark,


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Miss Kelly said...

I have been singing the I'm a Little Airplane Now song ALL day. Even found it on youtube....maybe you can add it to this post?