Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sick sucks

Up to date we have been VERY blessed with the kids. I mean we did have our moments....

Jackson aspirating his formula/milk - makes for a VERY angry child
All three on nebulizer treatments multiple times for colds
and the usual snotty noses, coughs and fevers.

But last week William was lethargic and did not have an apatite on Monday. This is very unusual for him. Then on the day our friends came from Texas I noticed blisters on his hands and the CFO found some on his feet. I said "fiddle sticks." OK, I actually said something else but this is a G rated blog and words from George Carlin's stand up routine don't belong here:) I immediately knew what is was.... Hand, foot and mouth disease. We are still praying that our friends Twins don't get it but they left with fevers:(

William took it all in stride as he always does. Jackson on the other hand, has fallen to pieces. He started getting fussy on Saturday and Sunday night we saw the blisters in his mouth. So, I was on the couch all night Sunday with him and most of the night last night. He wakes up every 30 minutes crying. Oh, well.... Such is life with kids. I feel the ominous clouds of flu's to come.....

Pics of Jackson and I playing with a paper towel roll one day he decided he did not need a nap. I was trying to show him how to look through it. If he had an eye in the middle of his forehead he would have been on the mark:)

Enjoy today today, tomorrow might be worse:)


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Lynn Leaming said...

Yuck! This does not sound like a fun time. Hopefully, Addison and the rest of you can avoid it, but it doesn't sound promising does it? Praying that you will all be well soon.