Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dodged a bullet.....

Not having the kids with me since last Friday I am a little out of practice. So today my ADD and very poor short term memory had the upper hand. I know this happens so I planed very little for today and knew I had to be flexible. The kids are all a little sick but they napped well this morning. We ate lunch at 12:45pm or so and everyone ate well. I was thinking man, this is going good! We all get loaded up for a quick grocery store trip (quick for us.) We get to the store, everyone is loaded in the stroller and I think uh-oh, I may need to go to the bathroom soon. This is something to be avoided at all cost when you are out with Triplets:) I think, OK, I can do this.... I turn to get their sippy cups. Just then I realized that I left the packed diaper bag on the kitchen counter with snacks, water, diapers, wipes, etc.... I am OK for diaper emergencies, I hide them EVERYWHERE (car, house, bags) so I am never too far from one. But no water and no snacks makes me a little nervous.

What to do...

I went for it! I boiled down my list to the must-haves. I flew through the store picking up bananas, bread, and hot sauce. I almost ran over several people. Anyone who knows me knows I walk fast. I move just as fast with them and a cart. It just takes me longer to get up to top speed and further to stop. Think of a Mack Truck. I also picked up some sodas that were on sale:)

We all made it just fine and had a GREAT time! No school this week, the school is closed. I am finishing my fourth load of laundry and the kitchen is clean, for now:)

Party like it's 1999,


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DaddyMan said...

Ah, the mandatory pitstop before adventuring out solo with the tots.

It's a curse when we forget.

It's one of the worst conversation spots with toddlers....the Men's Room.