Friday, July 11, 2008

Bite, bite, bite.....

That is what I hear when I try to eat. I have always told them that I will never get mad at them for wanting to eat/drink or going to the bathroom. Anyone who has had a premature child in the NICU knows what I am talking about. You PRAY for them to eat and you want wet/dirty diapers so you know everything is working correctly.

Addison and William ALWAYS want a bite:)

Jackson is feeling MUCH better and is back to his old red-headed self:) Hand, foot and mouth disease is not fun for anyone.

Shut up or do something about it,


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Denise Wheeler said...

I am glad to hear that Jackson is feeling better. My Lucy and your Addison are so much alike in so many ways. I find it hilarious that I found my daughters twin and they are both triplets.