Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying to get your rest in the Hospital

Did I mention how great everyone was at Children's Hospital? They almost make getting sick or hurt worth your time, almost:) They not only have enormous empathy for the families under their care but they are also there for the right reason. Everyone we talked with said it was their calling. As one Dr. put it... "You don't go into Pediatrics for the money:)"

Sleeping was not easy in the hospital. Anyone who has been in the hospital or stayed with someone in the hospital knows what I am talking about. Here was an approximate schedule. I say approximate as we were a bit sleep deprived and time seemed to become more flexible rather than consistent.

5:45 am - the phlebotomist came to draw blood. I got bonus points for using the correct term in the hospital:)
6:35 am - the orthopedic surgeons would visit
7:00 am - vitals taken
8:00 am - the Nurse would administer the IV antibiotics (took 20 - 40 minutes)
8:20 am - breakfast arrives
8:40 am - the hospitalist (our Dr. in the hospital) would visit
11:00 am - vitals taken
12:20 pm - lunch arrives
3:30 pm - vitals taken
4:00 pm - more IV antibiotics
6:20 pm - dinner arrives
10:30 pm - vitals taken
12:00 am - more IV antibiotics

Notice that there are no scheduled nap times:) The CFO and I rotated nights and we were both there during most days.

The CFO tries to get a nap. Jackson is having none of it:)

Daddy and Jackson settling in for the night. Well, at least until someone comes in the room:)

To be great is to be misunderstood.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882), An Essay on Self-Reliance


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