Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some days it would be better to be in Management...

I often say that staying at home with triplets, while very demanding, is better than being in management. Well, the other day I told someone that and they said "but you can't fire your kids." That got me thinking, a rare occurrence these days. What are some of the upsides to being in management (then) vs. a stay at home parent (now)?

Sick Days
Then - I got to take a day to recover, a.k.a. sleep in, play video games and watch movies
Now - I now know why the kids were grumpy for the last week, I have what they had.
Then - I loved meetings when I worked. Nothing was a bigger waste of time and ate up the day. In one of my last positions we even had pre-meetings to discuss the meeting!
Now - No meetings but there is a lot of one on one counseling:)
Then - I could go get a cup of coffee whenever I wanted. Heck, I could go get coffee with someone and chat for a while.
Now - Scramble to get a cup down in the morning. Rarely is it still warm when I finish it.
Then - I always told the people that worked with me that if it looked like I wasn't doing anything it meant I was doing my job.
Now - Delegating often creates MUCH more work than just doing it. OK, they do throw things away, well they throw EVERYTHING away:)
Being in the know
Then - I often knew what was coming up at work.
Now - Anyone got a crystal ball?

But even with all that in mind, staying home rocks! I mean just look at the rewards...

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
Ferris Bueller


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Lynn Leaming said...

William, Jackson and Addison are blessed to have a daddy that enjoys being with them and finds the humor in it all. I love reading about your life with them and all your crazy quotes at the end! Thanks for taking the time to let us all see life from your view.