Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toddler truths and rules....

I have tried several times, in vain, to explain to the kids that their day would be much better if they just follow a few simple rules. First I laid out some given truths they had to come to terms with:

  1. If Dad gets his coffee before they wake up that makes EVERYONE'S day better:)
  2. 22 month olds need a lot of sleep or they will be cranky
  3. Toddlers that behave at the dinner table get to have fruit (they LOVE fruit) and sometimes a cookie
  4. Toddlers that don't behave at the dinner table get to watch everyone else eat their fruit
  5. Toddlers that REALLY misbehave at the dinner table get to watch everyone else eat a cookie (Nilla Wafers) and their chair is pushed back an arm's length from the table
  6. Blocks, sippy cups, and other hard toys hurt when they hit people.
  7. Hitting, pushing, pinching, shoving, and kicking do not feel good to the other person resulting in the offender going to time-out without passing go.

Then I laid the rules on them. I am flexible, I didn't put them on stone tablets or anything:) So I will take anything I can get that resemble these rules.

  1. Sleep till 7am - refer to truth #1
  2. Take a 2 hour morning nap - refer to truth #2
  3. Do not turn your plate upside down at the table - refer to truths 3 - 5
  4. Only throw things that are soft - refer to truth #6
  5. Be nice - refer to truth #7

When someone makes you mad, laugh at them. It makes them much madder than you are:)


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