Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Handy Daddy

We FINALLY have a kitchen table! Our table in TX was a round glass top table. NOT very kid friendly. Well, not very Al friendly as I would be the one cleaning it every 30 seconds:) Not to mention that we now have 5 in our family and a four-top is a bit small.

We started looking for tables as soon as we moved here. Of course everything we liked was expensive. When I say expensive I mean $500 per chair expensive. Did I mention it is a kitchen table and we have triplets? :) So we decided to go the unfinished furniture route. Bad news is they have all gone out of business in the area. So on-line we go. We found it at #1 Unfinished Furniture for a good price. It arrived about a month ago. I did the top and the wife did the legs and the kids love it!

I asked "who is ready for a nap?"

Party like a rock star,



Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pic of the boys. I like the table. It looks good and glad to hear you HAVE a table. Meal times must have been interesting around there.

loren said...

Cute kids!

I love the table - I'll have to remember the unfinished route for next time.

Lynn Leaming said...

Looks like you did a great job at the table and the kids are glad to be at the big table and won't want to go back to their high chairs :)

mbaroni said...

That's a great table. My parents bought something similiar and painted in a two-tone color. I think they bought it at so if anyone is looking to do the same, that's another option!