Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A painting we will go....

The in-laws had the kids this past weekend so we could check off a few things on our ever-growing to-do list. Sidebar... when you say "check off" do you always think of this guy, I do:)

Back to the weekend... My main tasks were to replace the chandelier in the dining room, install a few dimmer switches (did I mention I hate electricity?) and stain/finish our new kitchen table. The CFO wanted to paint the kid's room. Funny how we always forget how arduous painting is. Not to mention that their room is not exactly small or rectangular. The CFO painted the table legs so I asked if I could help her with the room. I did a second coat of the green for her (the room is blue, pink and green.) After I was done she started laughing.... Let's just say painting in not my forte:)

No, it did not get me out of painting more, I just slowed down.
Not sure where I am going but I am making great time,

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Denise Wheeler said... that you mention it, yes, I do think of him when I hear or say check off.