Monday, July 7, 2008

The kids love science!

Well, OK, we did not actually tell them that the McWane Science Center is a "science" center, but they LOVED it! They have an area for kids 5 and under, Just Mice Size. There were only three not-so-good times with the kids that day:

1. Letting the kids go into the play tower - Addison and Jackson had to "rescued" by Mom and Dad.
2. Leaving the "Just Mice Size" area - minor melt down.
3. Leaving the McWane Science Center - Addison was not paying attention and ran into the door. A melt down quickly escalated into a A MAJOR MELT DOWN.

Our "Mad Scientists" at work.... I was laughing because the aprons to keep the water off made them look like they were from the TX Chainsaw Massacre. All you would need to do is to Photoshop a chainsaw in there.

Addison doing some quick "shopping"

No, really, William liked it:)

William: "You want a piece of me?"

Children put a spotlight on the best and not-so best of you,


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