Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little miss attitude...

Well, my perfect little daughter has changed on me. Dang that Father Time! Addison was our eye in the storm that is Triplets. She could be relied on to be calm and helpful. Now she has added another dimension... attitude.
  • She does not want a cookie, she wants the bag of cookies.
  • She does not want her blueberry pancakes, she wants my blueberry pancakes. Little does she know that I just put hers on my plate, cut them and feed them back to her.
  • She does not just want a matchbox car, she wants the car, not one of the trucks.

She has also perfected "the look." She has several.

Jackson having fun with G-Daddy.

William wants more:)

Hire a devious accountant; it's like giving yourself a raise:) From Life's Little Destruction Book,


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