Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want to make something funny?

I have learned that when my kids are grumpy all you have to do to start them climbing out of their bad moods is to put something on my head. This of course does not hold true for Jackson, our true red head. His bad moods are best left alone to be filtered out by time. If he gets to the snorting, animal noises, flailing on the ground stage we are looking at about 10 - 20 minutes.

The triplets too have learned this trick and use it all the time. I think Jackson did something wrong right before this picture. As you can tell, it worked, I have forgotten what he did:)

Never try to reason the prejudice out of a man. It was not reasoned into him, and cannot be reasoned out. Sydney Smith (1771 - 1845)

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granjan said...

I have been at church camp for a week and really missed reading your blog. This afternoon I sat down at my computer and caught up for the week. I even read Larry the rules for the triplets.

You are a gifted writer, humorist and a great story teller, not to mention what a great daddy you are. It is so much fun hearing about the kids through your writing.

We miss you! Jan and Larry