Friday, July 18, 2008

Jackson's foot

Did I mention that I was talking to the Doctor's office yesterday and they said they would call back with an appointment time? Well, they didn't. So during breakfast this morning, 8:10 am, I called the office to see about getting an appointment. She said how about 10:45 am. I said great, even if that is during their nap time. Remember, flexibility is the key to survival:) Then she said, wait, you already have an 8:15 am for Jackson. WHOA! I said I would be there ASAP. Lucky for me, unlucky for the CFO, she was not feeling well and was going in late. She let me take Jackson in and she kept William and Addison.

They took us right in when we got there. Our Doctor is GREAT!!! He poked and prodded. Talked about this and that. Asked about this and that. Ordered some blood work.... Long story short.... it might be a bruised bone but nothing major. He should be back to normal, for Jackson, by next week. He is 110% boy so I am sure we will be back to the Doctor a lot during his life with bumps, bruises, stitches and maybe even a break.

Have a great weekend!

A bad Friday is better than a good Monday any day of the week. That is unless you work weekends.


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