Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have nuggets, will travel

Many people ask: "How do you do it?" My answer... Wendy's $.99 chicken nuggets:) No, we don't eat them all the time but we do eat them about two to three times a week. Most Sundays and any other day we eat lunch "on the road." Like yesterday, my Dad flew in at 12:30pm. No big deal. Loaded the kids up, hit Wendy's and picked him up. The kids got a nugget per red light:) I only missed one toss from the driver's seat.

When both the CFO and I are in the van one of is in back handing out the nuggets. The pics below are from our weekend with our friends from TX. Yes, unfortunately our friend's twin girls now have hand, foot and mouth:( Both girls were up all night Tuesday night and they can't go to daycare for a week. We are such a giving family:)

An upside to a sick child? I get to nap with them:)


Kaitlin said...

I hope you didn't take these pictures while driving too.

Anonymous said...

hey, my name is ang and im in the UK. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and have really enjoyed reading it.

Ive tagged you on my blog, If you have time check it out and see the tagging rules.

Ang x