Friday, July 31, 2009

A new repair saga begins...

About a year ago I blogged about the idiots I dealt with in getting my cooktop repaired. Well, that may be a bit harsh. They might not be idiots as I am trying not to judge others but they certainly gave the impression that they were idiots. So maybe they just have a "perception problem" :) Anyway, back to the most recent episode.

We recently bought a freezer. After it was delivered I noticed that the lock did not work. It turned but it did not "catch." I called Frigidaire right away. I immediately realized that I was in for it. I know what you are thinking... I got of the phone with "Bob" or "Sue" from Bangladesh and had a tough time communicating with them. NOPE. I can handle those situations. But instead I was introduced to a new low in customer disservice. I got an automated response telling me to call my local repair center. Did they connect me to the closest repair center? NOPE! But they were nice enough to give me the number. Of course I was not prepared for this so I had to call back once I got a pen and paper. Luckily for me they were nice enough to run me through the same automated maze to give me the number:)

I then called the repair center and I am told it would be three weeks before they could come out. I am glad it was nothing major! Their appointment was yesterday. When they called on Tuesday to confirm I began thinking better of them.... my bad. Yesterday the repair tech called before he came out to ask a few questions. "Oh" he said "I need to call Frigidaire and see if I need to order some parts." Sure enough, he did. Now why couldn't they have done that three weeks ago!!! Oh, because that would have inconvenienced them, not me. So now I once again wait on these companies and their people that are giving the perception that they are IDIOTS!!

Good thing 911 doesn't work like this. If it did here is how it work...
911 Dispatcher - "911, what is your emergency?"
Caller - "My house is on fire."
911 Dispatcher - "Please call your local Fire Department"
Caller - "Seriously?"
Caller calls the Fire Department
Fire Department - "Fire Department, what is your emergency?"
Caller - "My house is on fire"
Fire Department - "We will be there soon"
Caller - "There is a lot of smoke"
A while later
Fire Department - "Before we come out there, I need to ask you some questions"
Caller - "It is getting REALLY HOT."
Fire Department - "Is your house a one or two story?"
Caller - "Two"
Fire Department - "Oh, we need to get our ladder. I will call you back when we get it."

Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking.
Clement Atlee


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Rachel said...

HILARIOUS!!! I was laughing out load at the 911 example!