Friday, July 17, 2009

Here we go.... Potty Training

I have been dreading these days for quite a while now. Don't get me wrong I don't really enjoy changing diapers but the transition is going to be quite rough. I am usually quite the realist (pessimist) about most things. I believe in preparing for the worst (still waiting on the 9mm ammo I ordered back in March) and hoping for the best. But for some reason I have not given much thought to potty training. I think I was (am) in denial:)

I kept hoping that one day one of the Triplets would just decide "that is it, I am done with diapers." Then the others would follow suit. I never expected (see the denial) false starts, regression and the outright refusals that go along with potty training. The CFO is ready for them to be potty trained yesterday. I on the other hand want to wait for a miracle:) I think it is MUCH easier right now. No stopping on trips or any of the other hassles that go along with going to the bathroom.

Much to our delight Addison had decided that she wants to use the potty. She used it VERY briefly some time ago and quickly decided she would have none of that. Well that all changed this week. We are going into day three of pull ups. She sits on the potty every 10-20 minutes it seems. Then Jackson MUST also go to the potty. Poor William is not really interested other than the M & M's they get after successful trips to the potty.

So I am working on keeping my excitement level high with each trip to the potty. Yes, I would LOVE to not buy any more diapers but I am not looking forward to our transition stage. Oh well, I knew there was a reason most Men go to work and leave the Woman at home with the kids:)

Add to all this that William decided to pull the poop out of his diaper last night and I was ready for the white sports coat with the sleeves in the back. I am blessed that the CFO is better prepared for all this as she went through it all with her two brothers. Being an only child I was blessedly spared all until now:)

Addison helping Jackson get his socks and shoes on for us to head out for the day.

I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it. Harry S Truman



DaddyMan said...

I think potty training is the ultimate test of patience. I can't tell you how many times my butt went numb sitting on the edge of the tub reading a book to the dude to help him relax and go number 2.

I can offer a couple tips though. Liquid dish soap can offer a fun visual for the boys and girls. Just a drop or two will help the bubbles show in the toilet. Just make sure you're around to supervise.

Cherrios also make good targets for the boys.

And no punishment for going potty in their pants for at least a moth till after their trained. If they get in trouble they'll never want to go in there.

After each perfect day, we took J to the park after dinner for a least 30 minutes. When we spent 2 weeks straight at the park, we knew our soggy mornings were coming to an end. :)

Good luck!

MLBuchanan said...

William is trying to get some attention, too. He probably feels left out. Hats off to you for being so patient.

Anonymous said...

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