Monday, July 27, 2009

The Triplets are growing up fast!

It seems like just yesterday we were clapping and saying "YEAH!" when any of the Triplets uttered even one word. But as we have heard many times, you spend the first two years wishing they would talk and the next sixteen wishing they would be quiet:) That is a joke but it does get a bit much at times when all three are telling me something of grave importance at the exact same time. When I can hear them I do get surprised sometimes and I am reminded that I need to continue to give them my undivided attention as much as I can.

The other day the Triplets were on the back porch playing when William opened the door. No big deal as they do this A LOT. It seems that our house traps our air conditioned air and the Triplets want to set it free:) I was just about to remind him that he needed to keep the door closed when he said "I have a question Dada." I cannot remember the question as I was stunned by his comment. I know it seems small and trivial but coming from an almost three year old it seemed advanced. Another time William said "It's better to go poopie in the toilet" after Addison went in her pull-ups. Not that he is going poopie in the potty mind you, but at least he gets the idea:)

William is our advanced talker but he is also still our bruiser:) Jackson or Addison will come to me crying saying "William just (hit, kicked, pushed, etc...) me!"

William and Addison are really getting the hang of their tricycles. Jackson just wanted a picture of his "Glowy" :)

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smartcorner said...

I applaude your God for knowing you have stamina for 3 at a time! Congratulations on the blessings and fun...
Mine were close 15mo, 17mo and 2yrs! 4 in all...the back seat had four booster seats. 3 were in diapers and various stages of potty training. Lots of work, but loads of fun and so worth it now that they into grown into productive,happy people with fun of their own!