Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleeping in.... well, kind of:)

The CFO and I treated ourselves to a date night last night. My Mom was gracious enough (as always) to come over and babysit. We went on a double date with some friends who have a family member visiting who was also generous enough to baby sit for them. So yes, we stayed up WAY too late talking. To be specific, the ladies talked and the dudes played video games. I may be a SAHD but I try my best to keep my man card when I can:) The girls even left the restaurant together and let us guys play a video game there before heading home. I got trounced in Galaga and Ms. Pac Man.

Upon crawling into bed the CFO said "who knows, maybe the Triplets will let us sleep till 8am." I laughed.... Well, at 6:15 am I woke up to Jackson rubbing my head. Addison was snuggled with the CFO (sleeping) and William was on the floor (also sleeping.) Lucky me, I drew the wide awake one:) Jackson and I got up. And guess what..... EVERYONE else slept till 8am! UGH! Dang the CFO and her optimism:) My realism (the CFO calls it pessimism) bit me in the rear again. Once the rest of the family got up the CFO let me get my two hours back in the form of a nap till 10am. That is why this post is so late:)

The CFO letting the kids have some fun...

Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.
Deepak Chopra


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