Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi, I'm Al and I have a problem with saving money

Not to make light of people (some very good friends) in one of the many support groups out there but I feel like I need to confess sometimes. If for no other reason then to find out that I am not alone in some of my many (not so little) quirks:) I LOVE to buy stuff! It is not that I like "shopping" but I do love getting good deals on stuff. I really love getting good deals online and have a tendency to obsess about getting the best deal possible. That way I get two "fixes" for the price of one. I get the "fun" of looking for the best deal online (sometimes for months and in one case a year) then I get the fun of having it delivered to our door! Once I buy it online I usually forget about it until it shows up... surprise!

I REALLY get fired up when you can combine coupons and/or rebates with sales to get stuff REAL cheap. All of this is usually well and good until I come to the realization that I don't need all this stuff. Yes, some things are necessities like food, etc... but others are not. I read/heard somewhere about a three day rule. If you see something you "gotta have" then wait three days and see if you still "gotta have" it. Of course the three day rule does not always apply. Like when the washer/dryer I have wanted for a year went on sale at Lowe's. It was 10% off all washer/dryers with an additional 10% off Samsungs (the brand I wanted) PLUS I had a 10% off coupon.

So here are some of my favorite sites in case you want to join my addiction:)

CouponMom - find printable coupons - some GREAT deals on "stuff". Be sure to sign up for their emails.
Sierra Trading Post - got some $100 Keen Sandals for $38 - nuff said:)
Upromise - start saving for college
Cashbaq - You can earn rebates and cash back on purchases.
Ebates - Another site where you can earn cash back on purchases

I have also put some on the bottom left of the blog along with other cool sites like that gives you the ability to edit your pics for free.

Their favorite rides were the swings and the cars. Jackson taking in his first bite of a funnel cake:)

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Ryan said...

Hey if you like deal you should check out ... it has one product a day for sale ... Usually a good deal ... plus whatever you buy is only $5 to ship no matter the size. Once the item is sold out for the day you have to wait till the next day ... its fun. Hope you like it.