Monday, July 20, 2009

Ready.... BREAK!

The CFO and I have split up the Triplets a few times and it seems to work out great. This past weekend we went to her home town for a family baby shower for our Sister in Law that is expecting their third child. They have three year old twins and ignored our advice to stop while they were behind:)

We went up Friday night and headed out to the local Summer kiddie carnival. Of course it took us 50% longer to get there as Addison is trying to nail down this potty training deal. Saturday Addison stayed with the CFO for the baby shower while the boys went with me, my Brother in Laws, one of the Triplets' Cousins, and my Father in Law to a charity event for a local girl with Cancer. We had a great time as there were two inflatables for the kids and a playground. One of the inflatables was a HUGE slide. All of the other kids were very patient as there was a traffic jam getting up the slide each time the Triplets climbed up. They were the youngest kids on the slide:) William went down first and did it like a champ smiling all the way. Jackson, not to be out done, started out sliding then quickly started tumbling head over heals and finally ended up rolling down the slide. When he landed face down at the bottom I figured my chances were 50-50 that he liked it. Winner! He came up smiling and laughing only to head back up and this time slide down head first. I am in for it with Jackson when he gets older and his "stunts" more daring:) Sorry, no pics of the slide. The CFO had the camera.

While both the CFO and I really missed spending the day together "as a family" we also enjoy each time we have some one on two or one on one time with the kids.

The Triplets loved the carnival again this year!!!

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