Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I, like many people, have always enjoyed the 4th of July. But I do think that it, like many of our Holidays, might give us the wrong idea. Independence and Freedom are values that we cherish but I think that they give us the idea that we are "free and independent." We really get riled up when someone "takes" some of our freedom or Independence. Or is it maybe that we are just mad that their actions really just point out that we weren't all that free or independent in the first place?

Take for instance the phrase "the freedom to choose." It could be argued that with all the advertising and labels being put on people that very few of us (if any) are really "free" to choose. Like during the election last year when there were some students in different parts of the Country that were labeled as racists for supporting John McCain. Or when people who are for helping the least of these (increasing social services) are called Socialists for their views on sharing the wealth. Whose "wealth" is it really anyway?

I am constantly reminded that if we put our faith in anyone other than God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we (I) will be sorely disappointed. It is funny how mad we get when So while I LOVE discussing politics especially with some of my (Facebook) friends who are "true believers" one either side of political spectrum I realize that at the end of the day none of it really matters.

All that being said we are truly blessed to live in a Country where we have the Freedom to discuss ideas/beliefs and the Independence to make decisions on those ideas and/or beliefs. Just remember that to give freedom is not free and it costs EVERYONE. So while we are "free" to become wealthy (in a worldly sense) and make our fortunes so are we "free" to become homeless, hungry and destitute.

This is the best definition of a Democrat and Republican that I have heard....
A Democrat is a Republican who has been arrested. (They want ALL the "protection" the legal system can afford them or should I say all the legal protection they can afford)
A Republican is a Democrat who has been mugged. (They want the book thrown at the offender and the criminal to be "punished" as to extract a pound of flesh)


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