Thursday, August 7, 2008

Triplet eating styles

We could not have gotten a better variety pack then we got with our kids. As they are all fraternal we knew they would be different but I laugh every time it is this evident. First there is their hair/eye color.

Jackson - red hair / blue eyes - he is our wild card. We think we had Great Grandparents with red hair
Addison - brown hair / hazel eyes - her hair is EXACTLY like the CFO's.
William - auburn hair (war eagle) / brown eyes - just like Daddy's

Then there is their eating styles. On the way back from Jackson's Dr. appointment on Monday I picked up Arby's for us. The kids LOVE roast beef sandwiches but they seem to like different parts of them....

Jackson likes the bread.... note the stacks of untouched roast beef. He still has the bandage on his arm from giving blood.

Addison is our little carnivore. She is actually a omnivore but she prefers meat. Note the pieces of discarded bread.

William likes it all. However he sometimes hits "reverse" when he is eating something. You can see a little pile of chewda (chewed up roast beef) on his plate.

When we go out to eat we have our bread after the meal. Seriously. We actually confused the fog out of a waitress at O'Charleys the other night. The waitress is coming up to the table with yeast rolls and the CFO jumps up and says "Whoa, can we have the bread after the meal?" The waitress stands there with a look on her face like she had never heard of such (she probably hasn't.) The CFO explains that Jackson won't eat his meal if he sees the bread. The waitress still stands there with a "does not compute" look on her face. The CFO tries again "Could you bring the rolls later?" Still no response from the waitress. The CFO goes to plan B.... She grabs an extra chair and hides the rolls next to her in the seat. Catastrophe once again averted! All the while I am about to fall out of my chair laughing while distracting the kids. We were with our house guests, Summer and Kelly, from Dallas and they watched in amazement.

My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.
Jessica Alba


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Lynn Leaming said...

Over the years I have witnessed God's sense of humor in making kids from the same genes so different. Most don't get to observe so closely with kids all the same age. Glad you can find the humor and amazment in it as well!