Friday, August 29, 2008

School is just around the corner.....

We are FINALLY ending the five week break between the Summer session and the Fall Session of the Triplet's "Daddy" day out program they go to two days a week. The house was a mess and the yard a jungle... until the CFO took yesterday off. We both went to re-orientation at the day out program and met a great family that we hope to have dinner with sometime next week. Then we went to lunch at IHOP. BTW, if you ever want to eat somewhere that does not get busy for lunch IHOP seems to be your place. We got home, the kids went to bed, I took a 30 min nap, OK it was more like 45 min but who is counting, before heading out to tame the jungle and the CFO started cleaning.

We had friends from Houston coming in town last night (1am) with their two kids and we had to get things in order. I am still not happy with the yard but it took me three hours to do what normally takes me one hour. We have had a ton of rain so the grass was thick and high. I had to dump the bag every two passes on the yard.

A few of the pics from the In-Laws Alaska trip for you....

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