Thursday, August 14, 2008

Solo trip with the Triplets to the Science Center

Yes, I am nutz:) If you do not know that by now then you are not picking up what I am putting down:) I am after all, a stay at home Dad of Triplets. There are a few reasons that I do all the things I do with the kids....

1. Going out is WAY better than being stuck in the house with the kids no matter how much work is involved in getting out.
2. I am still a very competitive person. There is no way I am letting any singleton or twin Mom show me up:)
3. It helps me realize just how good our kids are.

So we got to the Science Center around 10am. On another note of craziness I am using the walking rope with the kids getting them into and out of places like this instead of the stroller. I feel like a mother duck and her ducklings. We also move at about the same speed as ducks:) When they are using the walking rope I am throwing out a continuous string of praise and direction: "good job, eyes front, watch where you are walking, I am so proud of you all, stay on your color..." We draw more looks and comments than we do in the stroller. The place was empty when we got there and everyone loved it. Unfortunately about 10:30 it started getting busy. After I had corrected Jackson for swinging a stick around like a bat another mother said, "Oh I am sorry, I think my child is being a bad influence." Instead of "Yes he is" I said "Well my kids are not coordinated enough yet at 2 years old and I am worried someone would get hurt." There was quite a variety of mothers there. Only one other guy, a Grandfather. Some sat in a chair and talked on their cell phone, some chased their child(ren) around worried about germs, some talked with other moms, and a rare few were actually engaged with their kids and looked happy to be there. I know, I know, it just might not have been some one's day. I did have one woman take notice and ask if the kids were triplets. Her next question, of course, was "Where is your wife?" To which I laughed and said "at work, I stay home with them." She said "I worry about my husband at home with our two for an hour, you're a stud." I have NEVER had anyone say I was a stud before. Who knew... it only takes being 38 years old, 11 years of marriage and 2 years of triplets to become a stud! Long story short William had two time outs, Jackson one and Addison had none. They all did great and even left without a meltdown!

More of Addison's "looks"

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Anonymous said...

I can not tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog - EVERYDAY! It must be the good Pollard humor:)
Thanks for allowing us to see the triplets grow up.
Love to you all-
Missy P. Medlin

Miss Kelly said...

And people always thought I was crazy for taking the triplets out. Sometimes you just NEED out of the house. :) Glad you had a good time. I knew they could do it! Miss all of you....Miss Kelly

Denise Wheeler said...

Al, Glad to hear that you all had a good time at the Science Center and that the kids did so well. My hubby has no problems taking the kids out by himself and neither do I. However, I don't think either one of us are brave enough to do it without the stroller.
The comment you got is hysterical. Tell Quenta congrats for snagging herself a stud!