Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The backpack dilema is solved!

As you may remember I was dwelling on which backpack to choose.

Deuter Cross City or the
Lowe Alpine Airzone Active 28 Day Pack

Both arrived about a week ago and I have been wearing them around the house. Yes, I know that tops the geeky scale. The truth hurts some people but I have learned to live with it:) So I decided to field test them. I wore the Deuter pack to the Science Center last Friday and it was just as hot as my cheapo bag from my school days. So then I switched and wore the Lowe Alpine bag to go and meet the CFO at the mall with the kids for lunch. What a difference! No sweaty back! The straps on the Lowe Alpine are not as comfortable and the bag's compartments not as handy but if my back is hot and sweaty I don't care about the other features.

So now I have my new diaper bag! I am sending the other one back this week. Before and after shots for you. The CFO did a great job of getting back into shape and is staying there.

Right before their birth.....

All of us Christmas 2007

If you are wondering what the kids are looking up at it... there was a big Spinning Christmas Tree we were looking at when we visited the Gaylord Texan. I think William was calculating the torque required to spin a tree of that size:)

Adventure is just bad planning.
Roald Amundsen (1872 - 1928)


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