Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Orthopaedic visit for Jackson goes well

Again, praise God. Jackson is doing well.

But as usual I didn't ask enough questions upfront:) So the Dr. told me "I need to see him on 8/4 to see if his sed rate is down. OK, no problem. At our Pediatrician's office we are in and out. But no, no, it could not be that easy this time:) Don't get me wrong, we LOVE all the staff, techs, nurses and Doctors at Children's. Here was my schedule with Jackson.

9:00 am - leave home for the Orthopedics.
9:20 am - arrive at Children's South and follow signs (good signage)
9:25 am - sign in at desk
9:27 am - sit down and realize that I have grabbed two left shoes, again:) I have done this before. When I take the kid(s) to the Dr. I bring along their Wal-Mart Crocs for them to walk around in but I put the shoes in the diaper bag. Maybe I need to draw a big R and L on them:)
9:28 am - the call me back to the desk to fill out some paperwork while Jackson runs around barefoot. We fit right in here in Alabama:)
9:35 am - Jackson does not come to me when I call him so I told him he can't walk around. Minor fit ensues. I rub antibacterial lotion on his feet.
9:40 am - We get called back. I am told to follow the signs to the X-Ray waiting room. X-Ray? No one said anything about an X-Ray. Oh well.
9:45 am - After 3 lefts and two rights I get to the waiting room, sign in and ring the bell per the instructions. To my amazement it is no waiting and we go right in.
9:47 am - the Rad-Techs are very nice and explain they will be shooting a couple X-Rays of his left elbow. "What?" I said "His bone infection was in his right heel. Are you sure?" They say "Oh sorry, wrong Pollard." The X-Rays go easy and I then follow signs to the lab; four lefts and two rights.
9:55 am - They draw blood and as usual Jackson cries but takes it in stride. Everyone loves him because when they pull the needle out and put on the band aid he yells YEAH! and claps his hands. All the while tears running down his face.
10:15 am - We follow signs back to the check in desk. Only one right and two lefts. They tell me to go in and wait in the first chairs on the left for a nurse.
10:16 am - I sit down to wait for a nurse.
10:17 am - A nurse says "We want to wait for the labs to come back before you see the Dr. so you can go back out and wait where he can play."
10:18 am - Jackson is again playing barefoot. We eat a snack. No, he is not the only one that does not have shoes. Funny thing is the other kid that is barefoot is also with her Dad. I think that is just a coincidence and does not say anything about the aptitude of Men:)
11:00 am - I call the babysitter that is staying with William and Addison to give her an update.
11:05 am - We get called back by a nurse and get a room. You know the drill in these rooms. Anything they leave out I consider fair game for me to use to entertain Jackson; rubber gloves, tongue depressors, Kleenex, paper towels, rolling stool, paper on the exam table, light switches, etc...
11:30 am - Jackson is getting cranky as he has missed his AM nap. I sit on the rolling stool, hold him and roll around to put him to sleep. I wish they had cameras in those rooms... I would have been quite funny to watch.
11:32 am - Jackson goes to sleep.
11:35 am - the fire alarm goes off and it is LOUD! No one comes to get us so I figure it is a false alarm. Jackson does not flinch.
11:45 am - the Dr. comes in. We look at the X-Rays but the labs are not back. He explains that he needs the labs before he knows anything. He will call when they come back.

Long story short the labs were good and we go back in two weeks for more X-Rays and labs. Next time I will know what to expect and will take three shoes with me. That way I am guaranteed to have a matching set as Addison's are different than the boy's.

More pictures from Saturday at the Science Center

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