Friday, August 8, 2008

The to-do list is growing....

We were spoiled when we lived in Dallas, especially before kids. Sure I worked 70 hours a week but we had a house keeper and lawn service. Everything looked great all the time. Then the triplets came into our life. But somehow we kept things together and the house still looked great. But that was when we were both working, had a nanny, the house keeper and the yard service. The next challenge was going back to one income (the CFO's) when we moved to Birmingham. So no more nanny, house keeper or lawn service. When the kids go to the day out program it works great. Tuesdays I do the yard and Thursdays I clean the house. When their day out program is on a break I try to squeeze everything in between naps and visitors. Their day out program is on break until September:( So my to-do list keeps growing. Normally this is not a big deal as they usually take two naps during the day. But lately they have been disagreeing on when they want to take naps. If I was a more paranoid person I would think they actually plot against me:) Wait a minute... THAT is what all their talking is about. I think it is just babbling but they are actually out to get me!

Wednesday was one of those days. Jackson and William decided not to take a morning nap but Addison was down for the count. Once Addison woke up we all had lunch. I wanted to go to the YMCA to workout and they could play. So after lunch I loaded everyone up and headed to the Y. Before I got out of the neighborhood Jackson was asleep, not a good sign. Jackson usually wakes up screaming, which he did when we got the Y. William also fell asleep on the way. So I was stupid and thought "they will be fine once they get in and start playing." As soon as I got them out of the van both William and Jackson had meltdowns. So, back in the van we go. We get home and I put everyone to bed. Of course Addison was fine and did not want to sleep.

Our two NASCAR drivers are at it again:)

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