Saturday, August 16, 2008

Backpack dilema

OK, I have wasted enough time on this backpack deal.

Deuter Cross City
Lowe Alpine Airzone Active 28 Day Pack

So I am pulling a play right out of the "How to Behave Like a Man Handbook"..... order both of them! BTW, the CFO will learn this little inconsequential fact when she reads this:) I love you honey... Yes, I will return the one I don't like.

On a separate note... Hey, I am A.D.D. deal with it:) If you have not noticed I have a touch of paranoia about me. So I am now a little nervous about the Anodized Aluminum Calphalon cookware that I use. In the words of my Father-in-law, "they are toxic!" Yes, I have spent a small fortune on it but when it comes to preventing Alzheimer's, I am open to suggestions. So I am looking at some new cookware - out comes the GEEK again. I have done about 20+ hours of research on this one. I think I have a resolution, the set I want is the All Clad Copper Core set but since I now am an income drain on the family, that is out. I am going with Cuisinart Stainless Steel set. So, I finally decided what I want. Now to the price..... I think I have the trifecta! I can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond, use a 20% off coupon, and buy it with gift cards from my Discover points saving another 20%!!!! So if my math is right a $199 set will cost me about $130. Another plus is that they are dishwasher safe!!! Of course this offsets the time caring for the new cast iron griddle I bought (with miles from Capital One) that must be cared for:)

Let's play chase.....

A boy has toys no matter what age or occupation,


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